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Wednesday 15 March 2023

Acorn TV April 2023 Highlights - FULL SCHEDULE

Monday, 3rd April 2023

The Clinic Series 7 (Series 1 – 7 Box set available)

Long-running medical drama set in modern-day Dublin, The Clinic follows a group of dedicated medical professionals working in a busy city health clinic. This fast-paced and contemporary drama explores the journey of each member of the clinic 'family' – their joys and sorrows as they confront the frailty of human life, their hidden longings, personal ambitions and tender moments. The patients, much like the area in which they live, are a mixed bag.  All of their staff has attained a considerable degree of success in their careers due to their total dedication -- but at what cost to their personal lives? Starring Aidan Turner (Poldark), Amy Huberman (Harry Wild) and Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids).

Monday, 10th April 2023

Injustice Full Series Binge

Though he looks like a perfectly happy and successful man, defence barrister William Travers (James Purefoy, Hap and Leonard, Rome) has yet to recover completely from a traumatic series of events that left him without faith in the legal system. Despite this, he returns to the courtroom when an old friend, Martin Newall (Nathaniel Parker, The Beast Must Die), finds himself facing murder and conspiracy charges while being investigated by spiteful detective DS Mark Wenborn (Charlie Creed-Miles, The Fifth Element). This psychological thriller examines morality and the question of what a defence barrister is to do after finding out that his client is guilty.

Monday, 17th April 2023

Candice Renoir Series 6 - Acorn TV Exclusive

After 10 years abroad, Candice Renoir (Cécile Bois) is back in the South of France and back on the case as a police commandant. Newly divorced with four kids, Candice feels rusty at work and her skeptical colleagues don't help. Determined to prove her so-called weaknesses are strengths, she solves complex cases with common sense, acute observations, and a practical nature honed by the life of a busy mum. (French language)

Monday, 24th April 2023

Collision Full Series Binge

A devastating car crash has far-reaching consequences. In the aftermath of the collision, all those involved – including those investigating the accident – find their lives intertwining and secrets being revealed. Starring Douglas Henshall (Shetland).

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