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Monday 13 March 2023

Allegedly Famous Fugitives confirmed for new series of "Celebrity" Hunted for Stand Up To Cancer

The following names have been confirmed for "Celebrity" Hunted. Eva Speakman, Nik Speakman, Aimee Fuller, Ed Gamble, Katya Jones, James Acaster, Saffron Barker, Bobby Seagull and Nicola Thorp.

Nope, I have never heard of any of them either, ok Nicola Thorp is in Corrie, so you may have heard of her. The rest are a bunch of no name podcast hosts and "Life-change experts".

Suppose I better share the blurb, since it is for charity.

The ten celebrities will attempt to stay off the radar and remain at large for two weeks as a new crack team of hunters try and hunt them down. With former police officers, intelligence, and army personnel hot on their tail and faces recognisable across the UK, will they be able to remain undetected?

The celebrities will be taking part for Stand Up To Cancer, the joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4.

Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up to Cancer will air at the end of March.

Personally I'd rather donate money for this NOT to air.

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