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Sunday 26 March 2023

Helgoland 513 - First Look Image

Sky today released a first-look image for Sky Original series Helgoland 513, a new dystopian drama series from UFA Fiction.

In the year 2036, humanity has been devastated by an apocalypse, and the only safe refuge left is Helgoland, Germany's deep-sea island. A small group of survivors has established a community on the island, but only 513 people are permitted to live there under a new totalitarian regime.

Resources are scarce, and a cruel social hierarchy determines the fate of each inhabitant. The island's sole doctor holds a high position, while others must struggle to survive and improve their status. However, a new danger arises from the mainland as a rebel group plans to attack and take over the island, threatening humanity's last sanctuary.

This gripping seven-part series is directed by Robert Schwentke (known for "Flightplan," "RED," and "Der Hauptmann"), who also serves as the showrunner and head writer.

The cast includes Alexander Fehling, Martina Gedeck, Kathrin Angerer, Samuel Finzi, Antje Traue, Tobias Resch, Maja Schöne, Markus Gertken, László Branko Breiding, Traute Hoess, Tijan Marei, Selam Tadese, Annika Meier, Philipp Hochmair, Martin Brambach, Wolfram Koch, Waldemar Kobus and many more.

Helgoland 513 will air on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW in the UK, Ireland, DACH and Italy. NBCUniversal Global Distribution handles international sales on behalf of Sky Studios.

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