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Wednesday 22 March 2023

Six Four - Full series coming on ITVX on Thursday 30 March

The four-part event drama, Six Four, created by BAFTA Scotland Award-winning screenwriter, Gregory Burke (Black Watch), directed Ben A. Williams (Sherwood, Baghdad Central) and produced by award-winning House Productions (Sherwood, Brexit - The Uncivil War).

Based on Hideo Yokoyama's best-selling novel Six Four, this captivating drama takes place mainly in Glasgow and follows the O'Neill family's struggle when their teenage daughter is abducted. It's a tale of darkness, intrigue, treachery, and an unwavering quest for truth.

Kevin McKidd stars as Chris, a serving detective, who receives a shocking revelation about a notorious, unsolved case involving the disappearance of a local girl named Julie Mackie. In the midst of his own daughter's disappearance, a journalist informs Chris that Julie's case was marred by fatal mistakes and covered up. As Chris delves into the case, he discovers a web of corruption, ambitious cover-ups, and undeniable errors.

As Chris tries to make sense of the evidence he has uncovered, his wife Michelle (played by Vinette Robinson) uses her past undercover skills to search for their daughter, taking more and more risks as she delves into the criminal underworld she had previously left behind. In that world, vice and extortion had the power to influence the highest levels of political authority.

Amidst Chris and Michelle's efforts to discover the truth, the Justice Minister's daughter is suddenly abducted just as the minister is on the brink of an election victory. The kidnapping bears disturbing similarities to the Mackie case. Will history repeat itself, or will the explosive truth about Julie's disappearance finally come to light?

Episode 1
DC Chris O'Neill is approached by a journalist about a cold case involving a missing girl. His own daughter is also missing, and his wife Michelle goes to London to search for her.

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