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Friday 7 April 2023

ITV has given the green light for a second series of the BAFTA-nominated comedy show The Dry, to be produced by ITVX.

ITV has revealed today that the BAFTA-nominated comedy-drama The Dry will return for a second season, commissioned by ITVX. The upcoming series will be produced by Element Pictures in collaboration with Fís Eireann/Screen Ireland and ITV Studios, and in partnership with RTÉ.

Nancy Harris, an award-winning playwright and BAFTA-nominated screenwriter for Dates, and acclaimed director Paddy Breathnach, known for Viva and Rosie, will reunite for the new season, which will stream exclusively on ITVX next year. The first season was released for free on the streaming service last month.

Roisin Gallagher will reprise her role as Shiv Sheridan, a recovering alcoholic, alongside the regular cast members from the first season. Further details on the cast will be announced in due course.

The second season will pick up seven months after the first series and follow the Sheridans in their new daily lives. On the surface, it appears that the family is doing well: Shiv has been sober for six months and is financially stable, Ant has retained his job at the estate agency and is in a relationship with Max, and Caroline is enjoying her freedom by dating people on Tinder. But is everything truly as it seems? Is it normal for three adults to continue living with their parents? And are they genuinely content with their new way of life, or have they just found a new way to live in denial?

Shiv is determined to stay sober and eliminate all toxic influences from her life permanently. However, what if the most significant danger to her stability is closer to home? Giving up alcohol is one thing, but what if she has to give up her family to maintain her sobriety?

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