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Friday 14 April 2023

Malpractice - Coming to ITV

Niamh Algar stars as Dr. Lucinda Edwards, a tough and intelligent doctor who we meet during a traumatic shift that culminates in the tragic death of a patient due to an opioid overdose, Edith Owusu. Despite the reassurances of her supervisor, Dr. Leo Harris, portrayed by James Purefoy, Edith's grieving father, played by Brian Bovell, demands an inquiry into Lucinda's conduct on the fateful night.

Leading the investigation are Lucinda's former colleague, Dr. George Adjei, played by Jordan Kouamé, and Dr. Norma Callahan, portrayed by Helen Behan. While George believes the patient's death was an inevitable tragedy, Norma suspects Lucinda of questionable behaviour and decisions leading up to the incident.

As the inquiry puts Lucinda under increasing pressure, her relationship with her husband Tom, portrayed by Lorne MacFadyen, begins to crumble, and her confident demeanour as a professional begins to falter. The question arises: what is Lucinda hiding?

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