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Friday 14 April 2023

Oti Mabuse Q&A - Oti Mabuse’s Breakfast Show

Oti Mabuse is set to host an exciting new show on Saturdays, bringing her unique blend of celebrity interviews, mouth-watering meal ideas, and infectious weekend energy to your screen.

The show will premiere on Saturday, April 15, 2023, and will continue to air on Saturday mornings on both ITV1 and ITVX, kicking off your weekend in the best possible way.

Oti Mabuse Q&A

How does it feel to have your own lifestyle show on Saturday mornings?

It feels amazing. The show is about positivity, it's about starting people on a good note so they can enjoy their day and have a good weekend. For me, to be trusted with that feels incredible.

What can viewers expect from the series?

It's going to be a lot of fun. There's going to be a lot of laughter. I want people to feel like they learned something or they discovered something new. I would love for people to be able to engage with the show and say the things they're learning and what they have done to feel a part of the family. We're going to eat and learn about international food; we're going to do some international dances. It's going to cover a whole lot of things in 45 minutes.

Is there a particular star you'd love to have on the show with you?

Golda Rosheuvel is the one that I would really love to have on the show. I'd love to do it dressed in a princess dress. I'd want the entire show dressed like we are royal and we eat royal food and we do royal dances. I would literally turn the whole set upside down for her.

What do you think makes a great interviewer?

Someone who actually listens when you're talking and can engage and be fun. For me, one of the most brilliant interviewers is Graham Norton - he's hilarious, he's very witty and ad-libs in between your answers but he always gives you time as well to speak. That is someone I enjoyed being interviewed by.

What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday?

I would wake up on a Saturday morning and I'd either work out or go teach a class then I would have lunch, and work again as I teach on Saturdays. I'd go visit friends then we'd let the night take us to a random place and you will not see it on social media! We'd go out or for a drink or a games night, I love playing games with my friends. Or we'll sit at home, chat and do hair! Doing my hair on a Saturday is a thing because it's so therapeutic.

Is this show something you've always wanted to do?

It really is. I think shows like this sound showbiz but it's not showbiz - it's you talking to people at home and being in their homes every weekend. I've done so many primetime shows which are big showbiz shows but this is something else - it's calm, fun and you're communicating with people on a one-to-one level. It's completely different and I love working with people and connecting with people. It's always been a goal of mine and a big wish.

Do you think interviewing people on your podcast prepared for this upcoming project?

100%. I've got an inquisitive mind and I'm really interested in all thing's podcasts, movies, tours, art and theatre - I've got that interest. I love people coming on and talking about the things that they love the most - that really inspires me. The podcast was based on inspiration and the things that make people who they are. Asking people questions and really being present for their answers and really feeling their emotions in the moment, that's always been something I've been able to do but also loved to do. This is going to be people coming in on a Saturday wanting to have a good time - we're going to eat; we're going to move and have a good time.

If you could go back and give one bit of advice to your younger self what would that be?

Always listen to your gut. Don't listen to people - people have fears and their own worries. I would not have wasted as much time waiting because people would say 'Not now. You're too young. You're not the right person.' The moment I thought I'd listen to that inner voice, clearly it's something that has guided me as I've been able to do the things that I've done but I wish I had done that when I was 13 or 14 - I'd be a singer or in musical theatre but now I can't sing!

You've had a fantastic career. Is there anything in particular on your professional bucket list?

For me, I would love to work in the factual world and do more documentaries. Not a travel log as such but stories like DNA Journey where you go around and talk to people and hear their stories and learn something and find out something that you've never known. If I could have a documentary that does that, that would be the absolute dream.

Do you have any favourite shows you're watching at the moment on ITVX?

Riches is great, I love it - I finished it in a day. The OC is something that I'm watching right now - I'm having a bit of a take me back in time moment. I love watching stuff on catch-up that I haven't watched. If I'm out on Saturdays then I'll always watch Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on catch-up - it's literally one of my favourite shows on earth, it is the happiest show on earth! I've also been watching Nolly by Russell T Davies which is great and obviously Dancing on Ice!

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