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Friday 14 April 2023

The World’s Most Expensive Trainers - Jermaine Jenas

Jermaine Jenas, a former Premier League footballer turned presenter and pundit, has a love for trainers that he openly admits. Throughout his football career and beyond, he has amassed an impressive collection of sports shoes.

In a fascinating documentary produced by BriteSpark East, a part of Argonon, for Channel 4, Jenas explores the growing obsession with sports shoes across the UK and around the world. The World's Most Expensive Trainers (1x60') takes viewers on a journey as JJ meets fellow trainer enthusiasts across the country, including a new generation of teenage entrepreneurs who have turned their passion for sneakers into a lucrative business.

Viewers will witness how these entrepreneurs buy and sell the most sought-after pairs of trainers, utilizing the latest technologies to be the first in line for limited edition releases. JJ also tags along with a young seller as he hunts down in-demand shoes on the high street and hustles to make a massive profit from resales.

Throughout the documentary, Jenas talks about his own love for sneakers, sharing stories about his personal collection and how his childhood inspired his passion for trainers. He also travels to New York to explore the heart and history of sneaker culture, where he discovers that even Sotheby's, the prestigious auction house, now trades in trainers.

As the ultimate goal, Jermaine sets his sights on acquiring a rare pair of Nike Air Jordans, famously worn by the legendary Michael Jordan, which could potentially be worth over $2m, making them the world's most expensive trainers.

Jermaine Jenas said: "What can I say, I love trainers. They do something to me and transport me back to a moment in time. Whether it be that first pair of Air Max 95s I ever owned or a classic pair of Dunks. I've built a collection over the years and have an appreciation for each pair. I'm fascinated by the world of trainers and the hustlers that run the game."

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