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Tuesday 11 April 2023

TRAILER: The Essex Murders - Sky Documentaries


This compelling trilogy delves into the infamous multiple homicide that occurred 26 years ago on a secluded country lane - the assassination of the so-called Essex Boys, which has since inspired numerous gangster movies, literature, and rampant online speculation.

For the first time, the series takes viewers beyond the sensationalized headlines, embarking on a journey that traces the roots of organized crime from the heart of the 1990s rave scene to its shadowy underworld.

Featuring a remarkable array of characters, including underworld kingpins, law enforcement officials, and contemporary investigators who unearth startling new evidence, The Essex Murders exposes the unresolved questions surrounding the case and challenges the legitimacy of the men convicted for the crime.

The Essex Murders, available on Sky Documentaries from 15th April. 

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