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Wednesday 19 April 2023

TRAILER: Juan Carlos: Downfall of The King

Sky Original's latest documentary series, Juan Carlos: Downfall of The King, will be premiering on 21st May 2023 on Sky Documentaries and NOW. The four-part series explores the rise and fall of former Spanish King Juan Carlos I and has been selected to compete at Canneseries.

Once celebrated around the world for his modern, progressive, and democratic values, King Juan Carlos I was a Spanish hero for many years. He transformed Spain from a dictatorship to a parliamentary monarchy, earning international respect and becoming the most popular Spanish ruler in history. He had a loyal Queen, a loving family, friends in high places, and faithful subjects.

So, how did this revered monarch experience such a dramatic downfall that led to his forced abdication in 2014 and eventual exile in 2020? Juan Carlos: Downfall of The King delves into this intriguing and shocking story, uncovering the events that led to the once-respected King's downfall.

This compelling, investigate documentary features exclusive interviews with close friends, palace insiders, journalists and supporters of Juan Carlos, along with his former lover, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

Documented and brought together on screen for the first time, a varied collective of high-profile figures including former secret service agent José Manuel Villarejo, biographer Jaime Peñafiel, ex-bank president, Mario Conde and close confidant of Juan Carlos, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein’s ex-husband, Philip Adkins share their eyewitness accounts of this remarkable period in modern Spanish history.

Juan Carlos: Downfall of The King sets out on an international hunt across London, Monaco, Geneva, Abu Dhabi and New York to find out how Juan Carlos came to his enormous fortune and asks long standing questions around his financial affairs, lucrative connections and his alleged involvement in global corruption cases.

This new Sky Original documentary explores how a fateful hunting trip to Botswana revealed the King’s secret love affair with his companion, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, and set off a series of events that shook the Spanish monarchy to its core and caused the House of Cards to fall in the most dramatic way. Then there’s the intriguing question of why Juan Carlos  transferred the sum of 65 milllion euros to Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein's account shortly before the end of his reign.

Juan Carlos: Downfall of a King will be available on 21st May on Sky Documentaries and Now.

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