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Friday 12 May 2023

Crime - Full series out now on ITVX


Detective Lennox is pushed to his limits when young Britney Hamil is abducted from an Edinburgh street. As he investigates the case, Lennox is haunted by a secret abuse from his past that drives his relentless pursuit of justice. His mission is to root out evil wherever he senses it, and he is not content with simply solving crimes.

However, this passion comes at a cost. Lennox's relationships begin to crumble one by one, replaced by alcohol and drugs. But despite his personal struggles, Lennox manages to hold himself together and eventually proves that Britney was murdered by a notorious serial killer who had previously pinned his crimes on an innocent man. This sets off a chase for justice, which could lead to a deadly confrontation.

In the end, Lennox comes face to face with the killer, known as Mr. Confectioner. But Confectioner has the upper hand and forces Lennox to confront his inner turmoil. Crime is a psychological, procedural thriller that explores the battle for Lennox's soul.

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