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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Derek Thompson to leave Casualty after 37 years playing Charlie Fairhead

After an impressive tenure of 37 years portraying the beloved character Charlie Fairhead, Derek Thompson is bidding farewell to the BBC drama Casualty.

With an incredible contribution to the show, having appeared in almost 900 episodes, Derek holds the distinction of being Casualty's longest-serving cast member. Since the series' inception in 1986, he has played a pivotal role, captivating audiences with his portrayal. Derek will continue filming until the autumn, and viewers can anticipate his final scenes as Charlie to be aired next year. The culmination of an enthralling exit storyline will place Charlie at the forefront of the action, ensuring a gripping conclusion for the character.

Derek Thompson says: "The time has come for me to hang up Charlie's scrubs after the most wonderful 37 years. Charlie Fairhead was inspired by a real nurse – Pete Salt. Together with the writers and producers, I have tried to bring to Charlie the compassion, kindness, heroism and sound judgement that we all see and love in Pete and I want to say thanks to Pete and everyone else over that time who has inspired me in bringing this character to life."

Throughout his remarkable time in the emergency department, Charlie has served as the cornerstone, navigating numerous significant storylines that tackled challenging and thought-provoking subjects.

While tirelessly caring for countless patients, Charlie himself has faced various personal struggles during his extensive tenure in the ED. These include being run over by an ambulance on his wedding day, experiencing a near-fatal cardiac arrest amidst a gang siege, and his poignant and heart-wrenching relationship with his beloved fellow nurse, Duffy (portrayed by Cathy Shipton). Despite these obstacles, Charlie has consistently emerged as the steadfast heart of the department, always there for his colleagues in times of need.

The specifics of Charlie's ultimate storyline on Casualty will be unveiled in due course, promising a conclusion that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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