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Wednesday 7 June 2023

Channel 4 comedy Big Boys returning soon

Dylan Llewellyn, Jon Pointing, Camille Coduri, Katy Wix, Izuka Hoyle, Olisa Odele, Harriett Webb and Annette Badland will all return for series 2 of the multi award-winning and four times BAFTA nominated comedy from Roughcut TV which is currently filming.

Big Boys is a captivating comedy-drama that combines humor and heartbreak, brought to life by the talented Jack Rooke. The story revolves around an unlikely friendship between Jack, a sweet and shy individual who has recently come out, portrayed by Dylan Llewellyn from Derry Girls, and Danny, a lively and slightly more mature student played by Jon Pointing from Plebs.

In Series Two, the entire gang finds themselves embarking on their second year at Brent University in 2014. Alongside the typical challenges of navigating virginity hang-ups, experimenting with drugs (both legal and otherwise), and Jack's infatuation with Alison Hammond, this time their academic pursuits actually matter!

Simultaneously, Jack's family continues to adjust to life following the passing of his father. They embark on a new chapter, mirroring the transformative experiences of the university gang. Furthermore, Danny confronts his own mental health issues, delving into his past in search of better ways to cope.

The second season of Big Boys promises to deliver more laughter, poignant moments, and character development as these individuals navigate university life, personal growth, and the ups and downs that come their way.

Jack Rooke said: "Big Boys will start second year even dafter, sillier and BIGGER than before! Fresh from Derry Girls we have pinched Dylan Llewellyn back to play Jack, alongside BAFTA nominee Jon Pointing and recent BAFTA Scotland winner Izuka Hoyle as Danny & Corinne. The nations favourite gay icons Camille Coduri and Olisa Odele return to mischief as Peggy and Yemi. We've got more of the hilarious Harriett Webb as party planning Cousin Shannon with the legendary Annette Badland as Nan Bingo. And lastly, as I speak, I am watching Katy Wix in an orange polo shirt with a cheeky VK in one hand and a huge foam finger on the other. It is a dream come true!"


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