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Monday 26 June 2023

Filming begins on brand-new series based on The Famous Five

Moonage Pictures, known for their work on "The Pursuit of Love," in collaboration with Nicolas Winding Refn, has announced the commencement of filming for a brand-new series of "The Famous Five" for the BBC in the UK, co-produced with ZDF in Germany. The series has already been presold to TF1 in France.

This exciting 3x90' television series is based on Enid Blyton's beloved collection of 21 stories and will be brought to life through the creative vision of Nicolas Winding Refn, who serves as the creator and executive producer, alongside Matthew Read from Moonage Pictures. Filming will take place across the scenic landscapes of the South West of the UK.

Nicolas Winding Refn expresses his passion for adventure and the preservation of childhood enchantment through this reimagining of "The Famous Five." With a fresh approach, the iconic stories will captivate a modern audience, reigniting the allure and timeless magic of childhood for generations to come.

Will Gould, co-founder of Moonage Pictures, emphasizes the creative freedom and limitless possibilities that this project provides. The new incarnation of "The Famous Five," helmed by Nicolas and Matthew, promises to be a contemporary, relevant, and audacious action series that celebrates the spirit of adventure at its core.

Patricia Hidalgo, Director of BBC Children's and Education, expresses the joy of bringing these cherished books to life in a reimagined format. The series will not only delight BBC audiences but also serve as a celebration of British heritage. With the aim of bringing families together, the series intends to introduce a new generation of viewers to the captivating world of these wonderful adventures.

The upcoming series follows the escapades of five courageous young explorers who embark on thrilling journeys filled with danger, mystery, and secrets. This unforgettable odyssey highlights the power of camaraderie as these fearless heroes navigate treacherous situations and face remarkable challenges.

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