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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Interview with David Tennant - Stars as Simon in There She Goes

Drawing inspiration from the real-life journey of writers Shaun Pye and Sarah Crawford, whose daughter faced the challenges of an exceptionally rare chromosomal disorder, "There She Goes" immerses viewers in the daily lives of the Yates family. At the heart of the story is Rosie Yates (portrayed by Miley Locke), a young girl with severe learning disabilities, alongside her parents Simon (David Tennant), mother Emily (Jessica Hynes), and older brother Ben (Edan Hayhurst).

Now at the age of 13, Rosie's behaviour becomes increasingly complex, both emotionally and physically. She experiences moments of immense joy, fixating on subjects such as the letter X, tigers with X's on their noses, ticket barriers, and FedEx trucks. However, these elated states can swiftly transition into violent outbursts, directed either at her parents or towards herself. The family begins to understand that Rosie is grappling with the challenges of adolescence, much like any other teenage girl. Meanwhile, as they navigate these new dynamics, they receive a phone call from Rosie's geneticist, delivering important information about her condition.

In parallel to the present timeline, the series also explores Emily's contemplation of whether she and Simon should have another child. This contemplation arises following a chance encounter with a mother whose child shares a chromosomal disorder, prompting Emily to reflect on the possibility of expanding their family.

"There She Goes" delves into the complexities and triumphs of a family grappling with the realities of raising a child with profound learning disabilities. The series sensitively portrays their experiences, offering glimpses of both the everyday moments and the challenges they face. Through their story, viewers are invited to gain a deeper understanding of the triumphs and tribulations that come with navigating life with a child who has unique needs and the complexities of making life-changing decisions for their family's future.

Can you tell us what's in store for the Yates family in this special?

They get some long-awaited information on Rosie's condition, but getting some answers doesn't necessarily give them the closure they imagined it might.

What was it like working with the cast again?

A real pleasure.

We see Simon practically having to wrestle Rosie back into the house. What was it like filming those scenes with Miley?

Miley continues to be incredible as Rosie. She has been right at the heart of this story from our first day on set and we wouldn't have been able to tell this story without her.

Simon and Emily make a number of cult references throughout the two series and the special, are there any that are particularly memorable?

The debate over what the correct plural for Batman is has stayed with me and is something I often find myself pondering.

Have you received messages from parents in similar situations to Simon and Emily?

I know that There She Goes has connected with a lot of families who see their own situation reflected on screen in a way they've never seen before.

What is it about Shaun and Sarah's writing that makes this show appeal to you?

Their honesty. They tell their story with absolute candidness and humility and humanity.

What do you think viewers will take away from the special?

Telling Rosie's story has been a labour of love for everyone who has worked on it but particularly, of course, for Shaun, Sarah, Frank and Joey. I'm very proud to have been part of it and I hope as many people as possible will see it, and perhaps go back and discover series one and two if they haven't already. It's been a truly special project.

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