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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Narrow Escapes coming to Channel 4

Channel 4 has enlisted Bowled Over Media and Motion Content Group to develop a fresh daytime format consisting of 20 episodes, each lasting 60 minutes. The show will centre around individuals who have chosen to abandon traditional brick and mortar homes in favour of a new life on the water.

Titled "Narrow Escapes," the series will introduce us to a diverse group of people who have made the UK's canal network their home. This eclectic community is composed of individuals from various backgrounds, including retirees seeking freedom, young people in search of affordable alternatives to the escalating cost of living, newlyweds, families, and divorcees.

"Narrow Escapes" will provide an inside look at modern canal life, featuring continuous cruisers, boat-based business owners, as well as the dedicated workers and volunteers who maintain the waterways from the land. The show will delve into the everyday realities of canal living, covering topics such as emptying waste tanks, understanding the rules and costs associated with narrow boating, taking care of pets, engaging in narrowboat DIY projects, hosting gatherings, and acknowledging curious onlookers from the towpath.

Moreover, as we embark on our journey across the country, navigating locks alongside those who have embraced this unique lifestyle, viewers will be treated to breathtaking views of the natural world from the water. The series will showcase the diverse wildlife that also calls the waterways home, providing a glimpse into the beauty and serenity of these environments.

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