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Thursday 1 June 2023

New Logo Revealed - Deal Or No Deal


The iconic TV series Deal Or No Deal is set to make a much-anticipated return later this year on ITV1 and ITVX, and to celebrate, ITV has unveiled a brand new show logo. The series will be hosted by Stephen Mulhern and produced by Remarkable Entertainment, a Banijay UK company.

Contestants will compete against the infamous Banker in a game of nerves and intuition for a chance to win a life-changing cash prize. Each week, a player is presented with 22 sealed boxes, each containing a different amount of money. The contestant must eliminate the boxes one at a time without knowing what they contain, revealing the amount of money inside as they go.

As the game progresses, the pressure mounts as the Banker offers the player cash in exchange for what could be inside their box. The value of the offers increases as long as the higher cash prizes remain unselected. However, the game can change in an instant if a big cash prize is revealed.

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