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Saturday 17 June 2023

VAN DER VALK Series 3 coming soon to ITV

Marc Warren, known for his roles in "Safe," "Mad Dogs," and "Hustle," returns to portray the main character, Commissaris Piet Van Der Valk, in the third season of the detective drama series "Van Der Valk." This new season is filmed entirely on location in and around Amsterdam. Once again, the street-smart detective is accompanied by Maimie McCoy as Inspector Lucienne Hassell, Darrell D'Silva as team pathologist Hendrik Davie, and Emma Fielding as Chief Commissaris Julia Dahlman. Joining the returning cast are new team members Sergeants Citra Li, played by Django Chan-Reeves, and Eddie Suleman, played by Azan Ahmed.

Chris Murray continues as the showrunner, with Michele Buck serving as the Executive Producer for Company Pictures. The return of "Van Der Valk" brings forth three more homicides for the Dutch detective and his team to solve in the city of Amsterdam.

In the first episode, the team is immediately thrust into an investigation after the dramatic shooting of an idealistic Freerunning champion. This case leads them into the dangerous world of drug smuggling.

The second episode explores the series' first-ever Cold Case. The present-day murder of a museum employee involved in the restitution of ancient artifacts is linked back to a case Van Der Valk worked on at the beginning of his career. During that time, he collaborated with Julia Dahlman's ex-husband, investigating a troubled teenage girl who appeared to have set her younger siblings on fire.

Finally, in the climactic episode of the series, the team delves into the realm of the supernatural. They are confronted with the death of a participant in a magical ritual that invokes a demon. As they investigate, they must determine if the murder has a supernatural cause or if there is a more earthly explanation behind it.

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