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Thursday 27 July 2023

Mission To Burnley - Coming to Sky Documentaries

Sky is set to premiere the captivating 4-part docuseries "Mission to Burnley" on Sky Documentaries and NOW. Audiences can enjoy all episodes as a boxset starting from August 10, while weekly episodes will air on Sky Documentaries. This exciting Sky Original series chronicles the remarkable revival of one of England's historic clubs, Burnley FC, following its acquisition by a charismatic group of American owners and under the leadership of Vincent Kompany during a season of footballing evolution.

To build anticipation for the series, Sky commissioned artwork featuring Burnley boss Vincent Kompany and owner Alan Pace, displayed on the side of a house in Higgin Street, opposite Turf Moor, and will be shown in the opening sequence of the documentary.

Produced by the award-winning indie Ad Hoc Films, known for their acclaimed works like 'QPR: The Four-Year Plan' and 'The United Way,' this observational documentary series spans four parts and follows the American owners ALK Partners as they navigate the intricacies of modern football. Driven by their religious faith as members of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, ALK Partners left Wall Street behind to embark on a mission in Turf Moor, Lancashire, aiming to build a global footballing dynasty centered around Burnley.

With unparalleled access to the inner workings of the club, including the boardroom and dressing room, viewers will embark on a compelling fly-on-the-wall journey through a one-team working-class town, where football is a way of life. The series charts a rollercoaster period for Burnley, from the devastation of relegation from the 2021/22 Premier League to the triumphant jubilation of their promotion in emphatic fashion. It explores the club's evolution under the guidance of the game's exciting young manager, Vincent Kompany, while delving deep into the bittersweet realities of striving for success in football. Ultimately, the result is redemption, with Kompany leading the team to an unforgettable title-winning season in a swashbuckling style.

"Mission to Burnley" offers a candid and extraordinary insight into the operations of a major football club, as it embarks on a unique journey back to the prestigious leagues of the world. Football fans and documentary enthusiasts alike will be captivated by this compelling and raw portrayal of Burnley FC's revival and transformation.

The full episode schedule is as follows:

Ep 1: A Bad Day (10 August)
Ep 2: We Go Again (17 August)
Ep 3: Attitude and Heart (24 August)
Ep 4: More than a Memory (31 August)

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