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Tuesday 11 July 2023

Secrets of Supermarket Own Brands with Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen delves into the mysteries surrounding supermarket own-brand products in an exciting new series on Channel 4. Presented by Firecrest Films, "Secrets of Supermarket Own Brands" takes viewers on a captivating journey as Denise uncovers the hidden truths behind these affordable products. She will unveil the previously undisclosed information about the manufacturers behind certain supermarket own-label items, including the surprising brands that produce them. With the popularity of in-house brands skyrocketing in British supermarkets, this timely show examines whether these budget-friendly alternatives offer better value and if consumers can enjoy them without compromising on quality. Could they be the secret weapon of savvy shoppers?

Throughout the series, Denise investigates the disparities between the more economical own-brand options and their pricier counterparts. She conducts insider interviews with supermarket employees and manufacturers, unearthing unexpected revelations about various brands. Alongside these eye-opening discoveries, the show features valuable tips, tricks, and product reviews from members of the public, aiding viewers in making cost-effective shopping choices. The secrets surrounding supermarket own-brands are unveiled over two parts: "Secrets of Supermarket Own Brands" and "Secrets of Supermarket Own Brands at Christmas."

Denise Van Outen said, "Everyone wants to know the difference between brands and own label and I'm on a mission to reveal the secrets that could save you a small fortune."

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