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Friday 7 July 2023

Zara McDermott goes inside Ibiza for new four part documentary series for BBC Three

Zara McDermott: Inside Ibiza (working title) is set to premiere on BBC Three and iPlayer in 2024, offering viewers an in-depth exploration of the renowned party island throughout a summer season.

Zara McDermott, known for her previous thought-provoking and highly praised documentaries on the BBC, will take on the role of the presenter for this latest series. Having fallen in love with Ibiza during her first visit in 2019 and subsequently returning as a holidaymaker, Zara now seeks to delve deeper into the inner workings of the island. With unprecedented access and a diverse cast of characters, she aims to unravel the Ibiza phenomenon and examine the evolving landscape as the destination strives to attract a more upscale clientele.

Zara McDermott: Inside Ibiza will consist of four episodes, each with a duration of 45 minutes. Zara's previous documentaries have tackled important social issues, such as revenge porn, sexism, 'rape culture' in UK schools, and the growing prevalence of eating disorders among young people. In addition to this forthcoming Ibiza series, audiences can expect another informative and insightful documentary series from Zara, set to air on BBC Three and iPlayer later this summer.

Stay tuned for the premiere of Zara McDermott: Inside Ibiza (working title) on BBC Three and iPlayer in 2024, as it promises to provide a captivating and comprehensive look into the world of the iconic party island.

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