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Tuesday 22 August 2023

Big Zuu Takes Europe on a Culinary Adventure: "Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours" Coming to ITV

In an exciting announcement, ITV is set to captivate audiences with a brand-new entertainment commission led by the double BAFTA award-winning broadcaster, artist, and TV chef, Big Zuu. The forthcoming series, "Big Zuu's 12 Dishes in 12 Hours," is slated to grace screens on both ITV1 and ITVX in 2024. This gastronomic journey is a collaborative effort between Twofour and Big Productions, the TV production label founded by Big Zuu himself.

Renowned for his dynamic blend of humour, culinary mastery, and musical talents, Big Zuu, in his multi-faceted role, will guide viewers and a star-studded cast of celebrity guests on a captivating exploration across Europe. The mission? To fully immerse themselves in each city's essence by indulging in its local culinary wonders.

This novel six-part series introduces a funny, fresh, and fast-paced format that pairs Big Zuu with his celebrity travel companions. Together, they undertake a culinary crash course that uncovers the heart and soul of a place through the taste of 12 distinct dishes. Whether the adventure involves savouring street food staples or unveiling burgeoning gastronomic trends, Big Zuu will leverage his culinary expertise to illuminate the character of various cities.

As they traverse through different locales, both viewers and celebrity guests will unearth hidden gems, traverse food markets, dine in local eateries, and explore fine dining establishments. This whirlwind journey promises to unveil an unprecedented facet of Europe's most vibrant destinations.

Expressing his excitement about the new series, Big Zuu shared, "It's always been a dream of mine to have my own food travelogue, so I'm gassed to finally be able to announce this new show! I feel like traveling the world and eating food was the natural next step for me and the audience who have followed me since the beginning of my TV career."

"Big Zuu's 12 Dishes in 12 Hours" sets out to craft dishes that serve as embodiments of each city's story, be it its rich cultural heritage or its forward-looking culinary scene. Through their culinary escapades, both Big Zuu and his celebrity companions will delve off the beaten path, forming authentic connections with locals as they wholeheartedly embrace each destination's cuisine.

With a jam-packed itinerary, the show propels its participants into a race against time, compelling them to traverse each location via diverse means of transportation, including foot, boat, tuk-tuk, and scooter. Their objective is to sample a dozen exceptional dishes, each reflecting the unique essence of the city it originates from.

"Big Zuu's 12 Dishes in 12 Hours" is a collaborative venture between Twofour, a subsidiary of ITV Studios, and Big Productions, set to air on ITV1 and ITVX. The commissioning of the show was orchestrated by Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment Commissioning at ITV, and Natalie Rose, Entertainment Commissioner at ITV. The executive production team consists of Dan Adamson (Twofour) and Alex Gilman (Big Productions), with Lucy Blatch (Twofour) serving as the Production Executive.

Entertainment Commissioner at ITV, Natalie Rose, commended the project, stating, "This really is a delightfully original and fresh format that will inform on the best places to eat abroad. Of course, entertainment, warmth, and humour will be XXL." "Big Zuu's 12 Dishes in 12 Hours" promises an immersive and tantalizing escapade, as audiences embark on a culinary and cultural odyssey across Europe with Big Zuu at the helm.

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