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Friday 11 August 2023

Casting confirmed for BBC comedy series Dinosaur

Get ready for a hilarious new comedy that's about to hit your screens! With an ensemble cast featuring familiar faces, uproarious laughter is guaranteed in this upcoming show.

In this brand-new comedy from the masterminds behind Fleabag, Two Brothers Pictures introduces "Dinosaur," a series that promises to be your next favourite comedy addiction. The show boasts an ensemble cast including Kat Ronney (known for her role in "The Royal Mob"), David Carlyle (who charmed us in "It's A Sin"), Lorn Macdonald (remembered from "Bridgerton"), and Danny Ashok (seen in "Roadkill" and "Capital"), all joining forces with the dynamic Ashley Storrie.

But that's not all – the supporting roles are equally star-studded! Brace yourselves to witness the comedic genius of Sally Howitt (famous from "River City"), Greg Hemphill (a familiar face from "Still Game"), Sabrina Sandhu (whom you might recognize from "The Syndicate"), Ben Rufus Green (known for "The Cockfields"), Jim Kitson (remembered from "Land of Women"), Sanjeev Kohli (a gem from "Still Game"), and the legendary Kate Dickie (who graced "Game of Thrones" and "Inside Man").

Filming has already begun for this uproarious six-part series that's set in Glasgow. 

Co-created by the talented Matilda Curtis and the uproariously funny Ashley Storrie, "Dinosaur" revolves around the life of Nina, played by Ashley Storrie herself. Nina, an autistic woman in her 30s, cherishes her life with her sister and best friend Evie, portrayed by Kat Ronney. But life takes an unexpected turn when Evie rushes into an engagement and taps Nina to be her maid of honour. Chaos ensues as Nina navigates her sister's impulsive decision, leading to a comical and heartwarming journey of self-discovery.

With the quirky chemistry between the leads and a supporting cast that's ready to tickle your funny bone, "Dinosaur" promises to bring the laughter right into your living room. As Ashley Storrie puts it, "I'm so excited that we've started filming, I'm jazzed to showcase Glasgow in all its magical beauty to the world!"

So, buckle up for a ride of laughter, heart, and unforgettable moments as "Dinosaur" takes you on a journey you won't want to miss.

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