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Tuesday 8 August 2023

Henpocalypse! apocalyptic comedy coming to BBC

Zara and her bridal party embark on a lively hen do from their Birmingham council estate to a remote Welsh cottage. Their plans for a raucous celebration take a drastic turn when the world faces an impending apocalypse. Left with nothing but their kitschy hen party paraphernalia, a depleting stash of novelty chocolate penises, and absolutely no survival know-how, the women are left wondering how they'll navigate the chaos of Armageddon.

As circumstances compel them to break their quarantine and venture into the post-apocalyptic landscape of Snowdonia, the hens gradually piece together the events that unfolded beyond their isolated haven.

Driven by their need for sustenance that extends beyond their owl meat diet of the past nine weeks, they cross paths with a formidable Pilates instructor who has taken an extreme turn in ideology and is on a covert mission. However, the hens have their own hidden agenda: they've captured Drew, a male stripper-turned-entrepreneur, believing him to be the sole surviving man after the Apocalypse. The dilemma arises: once you have the last man on Earth, what exactly does one do with him?

Amidst the rubble of human civilization, unexpected love blossoms, moral considerations fall to the wayside, and even Danny Dyer makes an appearance as a spirit guide, offering a redemptive experience to one of the characters. Friendships are tested to their limits, leading to life-or-death situations involving a carving knife and a Fray Bentos pie.

Prepare for "Henpocalypse!" as it makes its debut on Tuesday, August 15th, at 10pm on both BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. The entire series will be available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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