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Tuesday 22 August 2023

How To Get To Heaven From Belfast - New comedy coming to CH4

Channel 4 has greenlit an exciting new comedy thriller titled "How To Get To Heaven From Belfast," brought to life by the brilliant mind behind the critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning series "Derry Girls," Lisa McGee.

Crafted and penned by Lisa McGee herself, this eight-episode comedic saga revolves around the lives of three lifelong friends: Saoirse, Robyn, and Dara. These inseparable companions have stood by each other since their school days, but now in their late thirties, their paths have diverged significantly. Saoirse, a talented writer with an affinity for self-sabotage; Robyn, a candid and overwhelmed mother to three boisterous boys; and Dara, a dedicated caregiver for her elderly parent who still resides in her teenage haven.

An unexpected turn of events transpires as the trio simultaneously receives an email announcing the passing of Greta, a former close friend and classmate. Unresolved sentiments linger beneath the surface, and in light of this news, they opt to attend Greta's memorial service. Here, they unearth enigmatic undertones and a convoluted puzzle that draws them into a realm of darkness and intrigue.

What unfolds is not merely spine-chilling, but also irresistibly exhilarating. These women stand poised to embark on a thrilling odyssey, the most exhilarating chapter of their lives. Their journey will traverse the urban tapestry of their native Belfast, a city coloured by spectres of the past etched onto every mural. It will lead them to the untamed landscapes of rural Donegal and across the expanse of Ireland. All the while, they endeavor to piece together fragments of a cryptic narrative and expose the truth, even amid the complexities and turmoil of their own intricate lives.

More a tale of 'what the hell happened' than a conventional 'whodunit,' "How To Get To Heaven From Belfast" promises an enthralling and sidesplitting expedition. Themes of friendship, recollection, and the unpredictable trajectories of life take center stage as the narrative unfolds in unexpected ways, challenging the characters to navigate uncharted waters when reality diverges from their expectations.

Lisa McGee said: "I feel so incredibly lucky to be making another show for the phenomenal Channel 4 and to be doing it with Hat Trick Productions again and the creative team behind Derry Girls, the mighty Liz Lewin and Caroline Leddy, is just a dream. I've wanted to make a comedy thriller set in Northern Ireland for SUCH a long time.  I cannot wait to share these flawed funny women with everyone."

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