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Wednesday 16 August 2023

Initial images unveiled for Passenger on ITVX and BritBox International.

First look images released of BAFTA-winning Wunmi Mosaku, David Threlfall and Rowan Robinson in Andrew Buchan's Passenger for ITVX and BritBox International

Additional casting also announced including Jo Hartley, Sean Gilder and Debbie Rush

ITVX, BritBox International and Northern Sister, part of Sister group (This Is Going To Hurt, Chernobyl, Landscapers), today release first look images for Passenger starring Bafta-winning actress Wunmi Mosaku (Loki, Damilola, Our Loved Boy, Lovecraft Country¬), David Threlfall (Shameless, Funny Woman) and Rowan Robinson (So Awkward).

Northern Sister's latest creation, the six-part darkly comedic thriller "Passenger," has received the green light from ITVX. The series was commissioned by Polly Hill, ITV's Head of Drama, with co-production support from BritBox International and ARD Degeto.

Penned by debut screenwriter Andrew Buchan, renowned for his acting roles in series like Broadchurch, The Honourable Woman, and Better, "Passenger" delves into the intricacies of a tight-knit community struggling to confront their anxieties about change, outsiders, and the unknown. Set within the fictitious small town of Chadder Vale in the North, the former Metropolitan Police Detective Riya Ajunwa (Wunmi Mosaku) takes the lead in investigating a series of bewildering and inexplicable crimes that send shockwaves through the town's residents.

Riya arrived in the decaying Chadder Vale five years ago, in search of that elusive "big case" that would reignite her sense of purpose. Then, out of the blue, a local girl named Katie Wells (Rowan Robinson) vanishes under mysterious circumstances. Oddly enough, she reappears the next day, seemingly unharmed. The townspeople barely blink at this turn of events and swiftly return to their routines. However, for Riya, an outsider to the Chadder Vale way of life, something about this situation feels off.

As a series of bizarre occurrences and increasingly shocking crimes unfurl within the town, the residents grasp at convenient explanations, pointing fingers at external factors like the nearby fracking site and its manager, Jim Bracknell (David Threlfall). As the situation grows stranger, the townspeople vehemently dismiss Riya's unsettling notion that there's more to the town than meets the eye. But what lies beneath their resistance? What exactly are they so afraid of?

Further casting details for "Passenger" have also been unveiled. Joining the ensemble are Jo Hartley (After Life, In My Skin) as Chief Constable Linda Markel, Sean Gilder (The Gold, Shameless) as Tony Corrigan, and Debbie Rush (Coronation Street, Brassic) as forensic analyst Terry Jackson.

These actors join the already remarkable lineup, including Daniel Ryan (The Bay) as Derek Jackson, Barry Sloane (Six) as Eddie Wells, Natalie Gavin (Gentleman Jack) as Joanne Wells, Nico Mirallegro (My Mad Fat Diary, Rillington Place) as Kane Jackson, Hubert Hanowicz (This Is Going To Hurt) as Jakub Makowski, Jack James Ryan (Coronation Street) as John Trowbridge, Matilda Freeman (Alma's Not Normal) as Lilly Wells, Shervin Alenabi (Baghdad In My Shadow) as Mehmet Shah, Ella Bruccoleri (Call The Midwife) as Ali Day, and Arian Nik (The Bay) as Nish Chowdry.

"Passenger" will mark its ITVX premiere next year while also gracing the screens of ITV1. The drama is set to captivate audiences on BritBox in various countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

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