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Friday 4 August 2023

London Bridge: Facing Terror - Coming to Channel 4

On November 29th, 2019, the lives of Darryn Frost, Steven Gallant, and John Crilly intersected during a tragic incident at Fishmongers' Hall near London Bridge. A Muslim Extremist terror attack unfolded while they were attending an event, and all three men played crucial roles in thwarting the attacker's plans. However, the perception shifted as the prior criminal records and convictions of Steven and John came to light. This raised the question: Could individuals with murder convictions ever truly be hailed as heroes?

Set against the backdrop of the harrowing events of that fateful day, "London Bridge: Facing Terror" (working title) is a documentary scheduled to run for 90 minutes. Produced by Raw, the film will delve into the intricate narrative, with Darryn, Steven, and John providing an intricate account of the attack, offering a detailed perspective for the first time. The documentary will also delve into the events from their respective pasts that ultimately led them to be present at Fishmongers' Hall on that pivotal day.

The documentary aims to explore the dynamics of the British justice system and its treatment of individuals with criminal backgrounds. It will pose thought-provoking questions about the effectiveness of imprisonment as a means of rehabilitation and whether individuals can genuinely undergo transformation and discover redemption.

Channel 4's documentaries commissioning editor and Head of Channel 4 Bristol, Sacha Mirzoeff, commissioned "London Bridge: Facing Terror" (working title). The 90-minute documentary is being developed by Raw, under the leadership of executive producer Liesel Evans and director Fred Scott.

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