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Thursday 31 August 2023

New light on the mystery of the disappeared Princes

What transpired with the Princes in the Tower?

In an enlightening and groundbreaking 90-minute documentary titled "The Lost Princes" (working title), Channel 4 embarks on an exploration of one of the most intriguing enigmas in English history. This journey spans continents and involves Philippa Langley and Rob Rinder, who together delve into the mystery.

Leveraging recent significant revelations and years of meticulous investigation, Philippa, renowned for her discovery of Richard III's final resting place, partners with Rob Rinder, a criminal barrister. Their collaborative and immersive inquiry challenges established perceptions about this infamous event in the annals of British royalty.

Was it Richard III who masterminded the brutal demise of the two youthful heirs, Edward and Richard, as Shakespeare's narrative suggests? Alternatively, could this renowned unsolved case conceal a more intricate reality?

A decade after achieving global prominence for her remarkable achievement in uncovering, exhuming, and reintering Richard III, Philippa reemerges, this time armed with a wealth of fresh leads provided by her international team of researchers. "The Lost Princes" (working title) follows Philippa and Rob on a voyage that carries them over oceans, into historical archives, and deep into the core of medieval Europe. Can they successfully trace the trail of England's absent royals?

Rob Rinder says: "To be part of unlocking and investigating one of history's most fascinating unsolved mysteries is quite special and I look forward to people coming on this journey with us."

Coming soon to Ch4

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