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Friday 25 August 2023

Season 2 of Everyone Else Burns coming to Ch4

After a triumphant inaugural season – surviving the depths of eternal hellfire – the devout Lewis family is set to grace Channel 4 once again, returning with a second instalment titled "Everyone Else Burns." This upcoming series promises to ignite a blazing whirlwind of family discord, matrimonial turmoil, and fervent upheaval.

Brought to life by Jax Media UK, a division of Imagine Entertainment, and Universal International Studios, part of Universal Studio Group, the sophomore season will delve into Rachel's (Amy James-Kelly) quest for a fresh path, a revolutionary stance that could potentially reshape the entire congregation, and the resurgence of a significant figure from the past, poised to mold the family's destiny.

As Rachel navigates the aftermath of shattered university aspirations (alongside enduring 40 arduous days of 'penance'), her pursuit of independence faces novel challenges when concealed family secrets emerge from the shadows. Simultaneously, Fiona's (Kate O'Flynn) world is upended when a haunting figure from her history resurfaces, a chapter she fervently wishes to erase. Meanwhile, Aaron (Harry Connor) channels his inner Moses to challenge the metaphorical 'snake' leading the Chapter, embarking on a revolutionary endeavour to propel The Order into the contemporary era. Lastly, David (Simon Bird), in a rather calamitous decision, strives to embody the role of a 'good Dad.' Moreover, he grapples with an unprecedented experience: genuine romantic interest from a woman.

Will David and Fiona rekindle the flicker in their marriage? Can a thirteen-year-old orchestrate an actual coup? Amidst the tug of 'marriage courtship,' can Rachel safeguard her autonomy and withstand pressure to select a prospective spouse?

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