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Wednesday 16 August 2023

Showtrial - Returning to BBC

The series will once again centre around a hotly contested criminal trial that divides the nation and takes place in the full glare of the media spotlight

The BBC has unveiled the revival of the popular drama Showtrial, featuring an entirely fresh cast and an explosive murder investigation. Crafted by World Productions (known for Vigil, Line of Duty, and Anne) for both BBC One and iPlayer, this fictional series is the brainchild of writer and creator Ben Richards.

The upcoming iteration of Showtrial will feature the talents of BAFTA award-winner Adeel Akhtar (noted for Sherwood, Ali & Ava, and Utopia), Nathalie Armin (recognized from Home, Unforgotten, and The Batman), and Michael Socha (known for The Gallows Pole, Chernobyl, and This Is England). Once again, the narrative will be centered around a highly contentious criminal trial that divides the nation and unfolds in the intense glare of media scrutiny.

In the aftermath of a violent hit-and-run incident that leaves prominent climate activist Marcus Calderwood critically wounded, he uses his last moments to identify his assailant - an on-duty police officer. However, the identity of this enigmatic 'Officer X' remains shrouded in mystery. What insights can his own history provide about the intersections of trauma and vengeance? Was Marcus's death a tragic accident or a calculated act of murder?

From the final breath of the victim to the ultimate decision of the jury, Showtrial immerses us in the lives of the charismatic yet brash officer Justin Mitchell (Michael Socha); Sam Gill (Adeel Akhtar), a nervous defence solicitor known for championing lost causes; and Leila Hassoun-Kenny (Nathalie Armin), a tenacious CPS lawyer spearheading the prosecution against the accused.

As public fury escalates, Showtrial raises pivotal questions about the dynamics of a trial consumed by contentious issues, and whether absolute truths can ever be discerned. Can a fair trial even be conceivable when emotions are running so high?

Showtrial's creator and writer, Ben Richards, comments: "I am immensely grateful to the BBC for the chance to delve into another sensational trial that I trust will be just as captivating as our initial endeavour. I relish writing for Showtrial and feel privileged to have such a top-tier cast to bring it to life."

Adeel Akhtar remarks: "I hold deep admiration for Ben's writing, and I am genuinely thrilled to be part of the second series of this exceptional show."

Nathalie Armin adds: "I am overjoyed to be involved in this incredible story. The role of Leila is riveting, and I eagerly await the opportunity to give her substance."

Michael Socha expresses his excitement: "I loved the first series! I can't wait to step into the shoes of a character with such complexity and ambiguity."

Simon Heath, CEO of World Productions, enthuses: "Ben's sharp, timely, and provocative scripts have once again enticed an exceptional cast for this new chapter of our Showtrial anthology. I eagerly anticipate witnessing how Adeel, Nathalie, and Michael breathe life into Ben's captivating trio of lead characters."

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, shares her enthusiasm: "We are incredibly excited to team up once more with Ben Richards and World Productions to present an unmissable new Showtrial on BBC One and iPlayer. With Adeel, Nathalie, and Michael at the forefront of the cast, and a fresh central mystery set to captivate the nation, Showtrial is sure to captivate viewers right from the beginning."

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