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Friday 11 August 2023

Sky original documentary film Hatton will air at 9pm on Thursday 31 August.

Set to premiere at 9pm on Thursday, August 31st, "Hatton" is a ninety-minute film that offers a remarkable glimpse into the life of boxing legend Ricky Hatton. This documentary delves into both his experiences within the boxing ring and his life beyond it, featuring candid insights from 'The Hitman' himself, his closest companions, family members, and peers.

Crafted by the accomplished sports documentary experts at Noah Media Group, "Hatton" presents an authoritative portrayal of Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton, a singular working-class hero and one of the world's most cherished boxers. With unprecedented access to Ricky and previously unseen archival footage, the film traces his journey from the Hattersley estate near Manchester to headlining major events in Las Vegas. This emotional narrative offers a profound understanding of this exceptional sports icon.

Emerging as a potential superstar the moment he entered the professional scene, Ricky swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of his sport. Celebrated by the public, he was a formidable presence in the ring. However, the crushing weight of defeat eventually became unbearable. Triumph and pride gave way to depression, addiction, and shame. Despite his outward courage, Ricky harbored a darkness that would come to consume him.

Significantly, his connections with those nearest to him unraveled. A nearly decade-long estrangement from his family and a rift with his coach pushed Ricky to his lowest point, culminating in a suicide attempt. Unfiltered and captivating, the documentary presents both a cautionary tale and an inspiring narrative of a man who must navigate a path through fractured relationships and shattered dreams as he seeks to find meaning in a life that initially seemed destined for happiness.

Directed by the multi-award-winning Dan Dewsbury and produced by Noah Media Group (known for projects like "14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible" and "Finding Jack Charlton"), "Hatton" is created in collaboration with Sky Studios. NBCUniversal Global Distribution handles international sales on behalf of Sky Studios.

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