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Sunday 24 September 2023

Doctor Who trailer for 60th Anniversary Shows

In the latest trailer, Neil Patrick Harris makes a grand entrance, stepping into the spotlight as the Toymaker, a formidable foe last seen in 1966. The mystery deepens: what event has drawn the Doctor into a face-off with this powerful adversary from the past?

Neil Patrick Harris takes on the role of The Toymaker in Doctor Who. Additionally, the trailer reveals the triumphant return of UNIT, with Jemma Redgrave reprising her iconic part as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, alongside David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor.

Jemma Redgrave reprises her role as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.

Showrunner Russell T Davies enthusiastically states, "This is just the beginning, and the excitement is building. We're gearing up for a November filled with unexpected twists in Doctor Who, captivating both long-time fans and newcomers. Stay tuned!"

Doctor Who makes its return in November 2023, featuring three special episodes with David Tennant portraying the Fourteenth Doctor, perfectly timed for the 60th anniversary. Enjoy it while you can before the ridiculous woke casting of Ncuti Gatwa makes "their" inaugural appearance as the Fifteenth Doctor during the festive season to what will for sure be record low ratings.

Doctor Who will make its premiere exclusively on the BBC for the UK and Ireland, while Disney+ will serve as the exclusive platform for new Doctor Who seasons outside of the UK and Ireland.

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