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Friday 29 September 2023

In Search of Instagram’s Worst Con Artist - Coming to ITV 26th October

Presenting "In Search of Instagram’s Worst Con Artist," a gripping two-part documentary that delves deep into the intricate narrative of Belle Gibson. This 21-year-old social influencer rose to prominence by asserting that she had conquered her terminal cancer through a regimen of wellness and wholesome eating. Her tale of triumph garnered her not only fame but also considerable wealth, marked by a successful app, a book deal, and numerous television appearances. However, a startling revelation surfaced as investigative journalists delved into her story: Belle Gibson's entire narrative was a fabrication—she had never battled cancer. In her wake, she left behind a trail of misled followers, some of whom suffered dire consequences.

Through exclusive interviews with her friends and family, who speak candidly for the first time, this two-part series uncovers the unvarnished truth surrounding Belle Gibson. Was she a masterful manipulator, an impulsive liar, or a vulnerable young woman exploited by corporate giants for their own gains? "In Search of Instagram’s Worst Con Artist" unravels the complex web of deception and seeks to untangle the motivations behind Belle Gibson's actions, painting a comprehensive portrait of a controversial figure.

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