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Friday 8 September 2023

Joanne & Vogue’s Sex Drive is available to watch September 21st on E4 or stream on Channel 4

In the latest bizarre push by Channel 4 to convince young women that they should sleep around and take part in risky sexual practices, Vogue Williams and self proclaimed "comedian" Joanne McNally are on a quest to discover the answer, and in doing so further lower their already pretty pathetic reputations.

In a world where women are bombarded with 20,000 daily messages on how to live their best lives, covering everything from wellness to self-love and even turning their vaginas into scented candles, it can all be a bit overwhelming. Vogue Williams, who may have contributed to some of those messages, and her friend, comedian Joanne McNally, who undoubtedly follows some of those accounts, are embarking on a girls' trip to Ibiza. Their mission? To explore where they stand on the sexual spectrum. Are they as open-minded as they believe, or are they secretly more conservative when it comes to matters of intimacy?

Known for their unfunny podcast, "My Therapist Ghosted Me," which boasts tens of weekly listeners, these best friends are stepping away from the safety of their podcast microphone and jetting off to Ibiza. Their goal is to embark on an enlightening and empowering journey, delving into their own sexuality and discovering how to truly live their best lives.

In this one-off special produced by Rumpus Media, "Sex Drive," Vogue and Joanne will encounter and immerse themselves in communities and experiences that challenge conventional notions of sex. This is not a salacious exploration of hidden swingers' clubs but rather a journey centered on sex-positivity and body acceptance. Presented through the unfiltered lens of two best friends who hold nothing back, it's a lively, candid, and humorous road trip that tackles the worlds of sex, spirituality, and wellness in a refreshingly riotous manner. Is the Gwyneth Paltrow approach – with her washboard stomach and advice on steaming our nether regions, using jade eggs, and indulging in air-waving climaxes – the typical British woman's experience of a fulfilling sex life? Should it be?

From steaming their "yonis" in a field to a wild night out at an erotic nightclub in Ibiza's West End, we'll follow Vogue and Joanne's every move as they aim to reach higher sexual and spiritual planes while confronting their own inhibitions.

But will this journey transform Joanne and Vogue? Will they uncover new insights about their bodies that can enhance their own sexual experiences, or will they leave the island with more questions than they arrived with? and hope that the idiots at Ch4 will give them more money to create another terrible show like this?

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