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Thursday 14 September 2023

Out There, starring Martin Clunes and Louis Ashbourne Serkis - Coming to ITV

ITV and ITVX have greenlit a thrilling new series titled "Out There," featuring renowned actors Martin Clunes and Louis Ashbourne Serkis in the lead roles. The show's script, penned by Ed Whitmore and Marc Evans, will be produced by Buffalo Pictures.

The gripping narrative of "Out There" delves into the perilous world of county lines drug dealing and the growing, sinister criminal underworld infiltrating the idyllic British countryside. Martin Clunes takes on the role of a farmer who finds himself entangled with these dark forces encroaching upon his rural community.

In this six-part drama, viewers will witness the gradual and covert encroachment of this criminal presence onto the farmer's beloved land. The consequences are dire, as his very livelihood, homestead, and family life become endangered by local county lines drug dealers. These urban gangs have chosen the British countryside as their operational territory, where they facilitate the illicit movement of drugs and money between their inner-city hubs and provincial areas.

Commented Martin Clunes:

"I'm very happy to be working with Marc Evans and Ed Whitmore again after the success of Manhunt. Out There couldn't be more different from Doc Martin. It's pretty dark, but definitely a story worth telling."

ITV's Head of Drama Polly Hill has commissioned the series which will premiere on ITV1 and be available to stream on ITVX.

Commented Polly Hill:

"Out There is a brilliantly compelling drama, from the team behind Manhunt, where county lines become very real for a father and son already dealing with the modern challenges of running a farm.  Martin Clunes is wonderful as Nathan, in a drama full of surprises, as he tries to navigate the best way to save his son, in a world he doesn't understand."

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