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Tuesday 26 September 2023

Predators In Action - Coming to National Geographic International

For a moment I thought ITV was going to start exposing more of its daytime presenters and newsreaders, but alas I was wrong.

Presenting 'Predators In Action' (working title), an exhilarating wildlife series slated for National Geographic International, produced in Bristol by True To Nature in collaboration with ITV Studios. This gripping six-part series will chronicle the journeys of some of the planet's most formidable apex predators, including leopards, grey wolves, and crocodiles, offering an in-depth look into their high-stakes hunts and the myriad of factors influencing their triumphs and setbacks.

Through a seamless blend of top-tier specialized archive footage and cutting-edge VFX techniques, each episode will focus on a distinct species, meticulously unfolding the predatory traits crucial for surmounting challenges in their quest for survival.

To vividly portray these predator-prey dynamics, an innovative 3D-graphics game engine will freeze and present pivotal predatory moments from diverse perspectives. These critical instances will delve into concealed viewpoints, biological intricacies, and behaviours, all rooted in the latest scientific research. This promises an immersive, analytical, and comprehensive understanding of life as a top predator, portrayed in the most dramatic and compelling manner.

Sarah Peat at National Geographic International spearheaded the commissioning of the series. Wendy Darke serves as the Executive Producer for True To Nature, with Adam Oldroyd as the Series Producer. Doghouse Post Production will manage post-production and VFX, while ITV Studios takes charge of the global distribution of the series.

The creative vision for 'Predators In Action' (working title) is to unveil fresh perspectives and insights into the world's most prolific and iconic hunters, showcasing their unparalleled actions and behaviour.

Wendy Darke, Executive Producer at True To Nature, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "Partnering with National Geographic International and ITV Studios for the first time on this innovative venture allows us to gain unprecedented insights into predators in action. We aim to shed light on the attributes, skills, and behaviors that give them the upper hand, most of the time, in the fiercely competitive natural world of predator versus prey."

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