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Friday 8 September 2023

Taskmaster returns: 9pm, Thursday 21st September On Channel 4

The all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-appetite Taskmaster Greg Davies, alongside his supremely efficient assistant Alex Horne, are returning to their rightful thrones as the acclaimed and award-winning Taskmaster series makes its debut on Channel 4 at 9 pm on Thursday, September 21st.

This time, they are poised to challenge a fresh batch of personalities who have willingly placed their careers in Greg's capable yet unpredictable hands. The intrepid quintet seated before them on notably smaller chairs consists of: Julian Clary (known for making sexual innuendoes), comedy actor, writer, and stand-up Lucy Beaumont (the wife of a real comedian), multi-award-winning stand-up Sam Campbell (nope, never heard of him/her?), presenter, writer, and comedian Sue Perkins (had sex photos leaked, and the unfunny former partner of Mel from Mel and Sue), and actor, writer, and director Susan Wokoma (nope, never heard of her either).

Throughout the series, this spirited group will grapple with challenges that range from herding giant ducks to crafting innovative sausages and assembling whimsical gangs, all in the pursuit of earning a word of praise from the Taskmaster himself. After enduring the rigors of ten demanding episodes, one contestant will emerge from their diminutive seat to claim the most coveted prize on television: a substantial golden head mounted on a small wooden pedestal.

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