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Wednesday 4 October 2023

Britain's Human Zoos - Coming to Channel 4

Channel 4 has greenlit an eye-opening 60-minute historical documentary that sheds light on Britain's unsettling infatuation with what were known as 'human zoos.' This disturbing cultural phenomenon thrived during the late Victorian era and persisted into the twentieth century. Titled "Britain's Human Zoos," the documentary will be produced by Red Bicycle in collaboration with Milk & Honey. Nadifa Mohamed, a Booker Prize shortlisted author renowned for "The Fortune Men," will delve into the exploration. She aims to unveil how African and Asian individuals were transported from their homelands, often under dubious circumstances, and exploited for touring entertainment, exaggerating their perceived barbaric and exotic attributes.

Nadifa will utilize previously unreleased archival footage, audio recordings, and still images to scrutinize the experiences of those brought to Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Part of Channel 4's Secret History series, the film will reveal distressing accounts of pseudo-scientific experimentation inflicted upon these individuals and will trace how the impact of this profoundly shocking phenomenon continues to resonate in contemporary Britain.

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