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Tuesday 3 October 2023

Further casting announced for the 4 part drama, Ruth coming soon to ITV

Silverprint Pictures and ITV have unveiled additional pivotal cast members for the upcoming drama "Ruth," which delves into the untold narrative of Ruth Ellis, a nightclub manageress and convicted murderer, ultimately becoming the last woman to be executed in the UK.

Toby Jones, known for notable roles in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" and "Empire of Light," is set to portray Ruth Ellis's solicitor, John Bickford. As the story unfolds, Bickford gradually comprehends the extent of Ruth's maltreatment by David Blakely, igniting his determination to advocate for the case of provocation.

Laurie Davidson, recognized for his performances in "Mary and George" and "Guilty Party," steps into the character of David Blakely, Ruth's abusive lover and victim.

Mark Stanley, renowned for his roles in "Happy Valley" and "Dark River," embodies Desmond Cussen, Ruth's ardent admirer and sporadic lover. A regular at the Little Club, Desmond becomes entangled in Ruth's toxic love triangle with Blakely.

Key roles also feature:

  • Joe Armstrong, acclaimed for his appearances in "Happy Valley" and "Gentleman Jack," portraying DCI Davies, the lead detective overseeing Ruth's case.
  • Arthur Darvill, known for "Broadchurch" and "Sandman," embodying Victor Mishcon, Ruth's charismatic divorce lawyer who passionately champions her cause.
  • Juliet Stevenson, recognized for her roles in "Truly, Madly, Deeply" and "Wolf," taking on the role of Dr. Charity Taylor, the Governess of Holloway Prison.
  • Toby Stephens, notable for "Die Another Day" and "Black Sails," playing Melford Stevenson QC, Ruth's defense barrister.
Set in the year 1955, "Ruth" draws its foundations from Carol Ann Lee's highly regarded biography, "A Fine Day for Hanging: The Real Ruth Ellis Story." The adaptation has been masterfully crafted by Kelly Jones, acclaimed for works such as "The Long Call," "Des," and "Baptiste." The production is in the capable hands of Silverprint Pictures, a part of ITV Studios, acclaimed for their work on "Shetland," "Vera," and "Flesh and Blood."

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