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Thursday 19 October 2023

Love is in the Air: "My Mum, Your Dad" Returns for a Second Series in 2024

Get ready for more heartwarming, hilarious, and cross-generational romance as "My Mum, Your Dad" gears up for its highly-anticipated return to screens in 2024. ITV1 and ITVX have confirmed the second series of this critically-acclaimed love show, and casting is now open for applicants looking to join the romantic adventure.

A Smash-Hit Love Story

Produced by Lifted Entertainment, a part of ITV Studios, "My Mum, Your Dad" captured the hearts of viewers in its debut season. The show centers on grown-up kids who nominate their single parents to embark on a journey to a luxury country retreat in pursuit of love later in life. Critics dubbed it "heartwarming," "hilarious," and praised its "cross-generational appeal." The debut series quickly became ITV's most significant new peak-time entertainment format, drawing an average audience of over 2 million across all devices*. Fronted by the beloved Davina McCall, the first season regularly held the top spot as the most streamed program on ITVX.

A Fresh Take on Love

In the upcoming series, grown-up kids will once again take their place in the "Bunker," the surveillance room where they influence the fate of their single parents in their quest for love. This time, new twists will keep viewers on their toes as they witness firsthand how their parents navigate the challenges of making romantic connections. In the end, it will be the children who decide whether to give their blessings to any potential matches.

Ready to Nominate?

Casting is now open, and grown-up kids can nominate their single parents for this heartwarming journey by visiting www.itv.com/beontv.

The Love Journey Continues

"My Mum, Your Dad" is produced by Lifted Entertainment, a part of ITV Studios. The show was commissioned for ITV by Director of Reality Commissioning Paul Mortimer and Commissioning Editor of Reality TV Amanda Stavri.

Paul Mortimer, ITV Director of Reality and Acquisitions, shared his excitement, saying, "The positive reaction to series one was unprecedented in my experience. From widower Roger finding new love to the grown-up kids cringing in the secret Bunker as their parents dusted down their dating moves, this was a fresh and welcome take on TV matchmaking. I'm so pleased to be able to once again open the retreat to more single parents in 2024."

Richard Cowles, Managing Director of Lifted Entertainment, expressed his delight at the show's return, noting the incredible reactions and viewers' emotional connections. He added, "My Mum, Your Dad has heart, warmth, and laughs in every show, and that really resonated with viewers. With casting now open, we can't wait to find a new bunch of single parents looking for love."

A Show Born from the Heart

The touching and humorous "My Mum, Your Dad" was created by father and daughter Haley and Greg Daniels, a testament to the show's unique and heartwarming spirit. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this love-filled adventure as the second series unfolds in 2024. Love is in the air, and this show is here to prove it!

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