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Tuesday 24 October 2023

Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life from Wonderhood Studios series 2 coming soon

Channel 4 has once again partnered with Wonderhood Studios to commission an expanded second season of "Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life." This gripping series continues to provide viewers with exclusive access to the world of pioneering surgeries that utilize cutting-edge technology. The production maintains its unique association with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, a renowned cancer hospital, and collaborates with Macmillan Cancer Support, one of the UK's largest charities.

"Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life" (4x60') follows patients and their medical teams throughout their cancer journeys, offering an intimate look at the intricate discussions and life-altering decisions involved in planning and executing groundbreaking surgeries. These surgeries often take place under challenging and extreme conditions, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the highest possible quality of life.

The second season introduces new robotic procedures for various types of tumors, with a particular focus on younger patients grappling with complex cancers. Some patients must make incredibly tough decisions, ranging from critical surgeries that may risk irreversible damage to fertility to weighing the pros and cons of complex treatments that could have potentially debilitating health consequences after a cancer diagnosis.

The series is created in partnership with Macmillan, an organization at the forefront of cancer support in the UK. Through Macmillan's involvement, the show will shed light on how cancer can impact all aspects of a person's life and underscore the invaluable role the charity plays in supporting individuals affected by cancer.

Eve Kay, Executive Producer at Wonderhood Studios, expressed enthusiasm for the new season, highlighting its ability to showcase the incredible skills and dedication of surgeons while revealing their human side and the emotional journey they embark on alongside their patients. The collaboration with The Royal Marsden and Macmillan Cancer Support promises to deliver a compelling second season.

Jonah Weston, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4, praised the work of the surgeons at The Royal Marsden and their contributions to advancing cancer treatment. He eagerly anticipates the return of the series, which will continue to spotlight these remarkable medical professionals and their extraordinary patients.

Dame Cally Palmer, Chief Executive of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, welcomed the second season and its potential to showcase the innovative work carried out by The Royal Marsden's surgical team, often funded by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The series offers a unique glimpse into the world of specialist cancer surgery, highlighting the dedication of both patients and surgeons who push the boundaries of surgical techniques to save lives.

Anthony Newman, Director of Brand and Marketing at Macmillan Cancer Support, expressed delight at the prospect of a second season of "Super Surgeons." He underscored the vital role played by the first season in raising awareness of the profound impact a cancer diagnosis can have on every aspect of a person's life. He emphasized that Macmillan is committed to providing crucial support to ensure people can live well after a cancer diagnosis.

"Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life" is executive produced by Katharine Patrick, Head of Factual at Wonderhood Studios, along with James W Newton and Eve Kay. The series is directed and produced by Sophie Stephenson-Wright, with Casey McConnell as the production manager. It was commissioned by Jonah Weston for Channel 4 and is being distributed internationally by BBC Studios.

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