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Friday 27 October 2023

The Boy Who Lived coming to Sky Documentaries on 18 November

"DAVID HOLMES: THE BOY WHO LIVED," a film executive produced by Daniel Radcliffe and directed by Dan Hartley (known for "Lad: A Yorkshire Story"), will be accessible on-demand through Sky Documentaries and the NOW streaming service starting from November 18.

The movie tells the coming-of-age story of David Holmes, a remarkable teenage gymnast from Essex, England. He is chosen to be Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double in the initial Harry Potter film when Daniel is just eleven years old. Over the course of the next decade, a strong and unbreakable bond forms between the two. However, tragedy strikes on the set of the penultimate film when a devastating accident leaves David paralyzed with a severe spinal injury, dramatically altering his life. In this challenging moment, Daniel, along with his closest stunt colleagues, comes together to support David and his family. Throughout the ordeal, it is David's extraordinary spirit of resilience that serves as their greatest source of strength and inspiration.

The film includes candid personal footage filmed over the past decade, behind-the-scenes content from Holmes' stunt work, glimpses into his current life, and intimate interviews with David, Daniel Radcliffe, friends, family, and former crew members. It also explores universal themes such as navigating adversity, growing up, forming identities in an uncertain world, and the unifying bonds that bring us together and uplift us.

Presented by Sky in collaboration with HBO Documentary Films, "DAVID HOLMES: THE BOY WHO LIVED" is a Lightbox / Ripple Production, with Dan Hartley directing. The production team includes Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Vanessa Davies, and Amy Stares as producers, and executive producers Daniel Radcliffe, David Holmes, Dan Hartley, Sue Latimer, and Sarah Spahovic. HBO's executive producers are Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Tina Nguyen, while Sky's executive producer is Poppy Dixon.

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