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Thursday 2 November 2023

Charlotte in Sunderland - Q&A with Charlotte Crosby and Jake Ankers

Get ready to dive back into the whirlwind life of entrepreneur and TV personality Charlotte Crosby as she makes her triumphant return to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer for a thrilling second series. Starting on November 8th at 9 PM on BBC Three and iPlayer, "Charlotte in Sunderland" will once again grace your screens with its captivating and unpredictable journey.

Brought to you by Chatterbox Media, the second series of "Charlotte in Sunderland" (consisting of 10 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes) will pick up the story a few months after the conclusion of the first series. In that first chapter, viewers witnessed Charlotte facing a cascade of life-altering moments, including the revelation of her first pregnancy, her partner Jake's move from Manchester to the North East, her mother's cancer diagnosis, and the heart-wrenching loss of her beloved nana Jean.

The second series kicks off with Charlotte's daughter, Alba, now seven months old. As the calendar flips to 2023, Charlotte has some significant plans in store. Get ready for more drama, excitement, and a closer look at Charlotte's evolving life as she continues her journey in "Charlotte in Sunderland."


Tell us what we can expect from series two?  

Charlotte: It's all happening in series two! Our baby daughter, Alba is seven months old at the start of the new series and you'll see how Jake and I are doing as first time parents, which we are both loving. In the first series,  there were a lot of laughs, but also a lot of unexpected heartache as my mam was diagnosed with breast cancer and we lost Nana Jean. It was a really tough year, but my mam is battling through, and Alba has brought us so much joy.

Jake: The new series is full of love, laughter and family life - you'll see lots of family fun and us adjusting to life as new parents.

How's parenthood going?

Jake: We are absolutely loving parenthood. It's changed our lifestyle and changed us as people - for the better. We love getting up with Alba every single day and love watching her grow. It's like our lives have started all over again.

Charlotte: Parenthood is amazing, I really feel like my life has levelled up since having Alba and being a Mam is what I was born to do. Also having Alba has made me even more focussed on my business and ambitious to succeed for her sake and her future.

Charlotte, is Alba a mini-me or is she more like Jake?

Charlotte: We're not sure yet, it's hard to say. I think it'll be more obvious when she's a bit older, when she can talk a bit more.

Jake: I think she's got her own little personality at the moment. She's got her own way of doing things, which makes her who she is.  

You were a relatively new couple before you fell pregnant, what do you think makes your partnership work?

Charlotte: Having a baby absolutely rocks your world, and couples who have been together for a long time before they have a baby, have a set dynamic and a set routine, but our dynamic of being together as a family is all we've ever known. It's a big shock to couples who have been together for a long time because it totally changes their relationship, but we know no difference and I think that's what makes it work for us.

Jake: We're both at an age now where we know what we want out of life, we've got respect for each other and having a baby has made us stronger. As a couple, being together and having a baby is all we really know.

What is your ideal date night now? Have you put your party days behind you?

Jake: Our party days are well and truly done. Our favourite date night is going to the cinema.  These days, I like cooking a nice meal, then afterwards we'll go and watch a film, cuddle up together and have " Jake and Charlotte time".

Charlotte, in series one you pulled out all the stops for your fashion business, how's it going?  

Charlotte: In the new series I'm still hard at it! I pull out even more stops for my fashion business. Thankfully, It's all going really well. We even get a few more members of staff and it's a dream to work with my mam and dad.  I wouldn't have said that in my twenties, but now I'm in my thirties we're really enjoying spending time together and I'd say we're closer than ever.  

Jake, in series one, we see that Charlotte is really close to her family and they spend a lot of time together. How are you getting on with your in-laws?

Jake: I have a fantastic relationship with Charlotte's mum and dad, Gary and Letitia,  and it feels like I've known them a lot longer than I have done.  It speaks volumes, that when I've got a bit of spare time, I go over to their house to hang out with them. I'd love for us to all to go on holiday together, and I'd be the one asking them to come with us! That's where I'm at with the in-laws and I can't see it changing.

You are both entrepreneurs with your own separate business ventures, how have you made it work juggling busy working lives with a baby?

Jake: We're both motivated by each other and both want success for each other's business so we're always helping each other out. I couldn't be more thankful to have someone like Charlotte who gets that. She's unbelievable, she manages about five different projects, I don't know how she does it.  

Charlotte: I am blessed with a job that allows me to take Alba with me a lot of the time and when I can't I am very fortunate to have the full support of my Mam and Dad, they adore Alba and she adores them!

How proud are you to be able to showcase Sunderland to the rest of the world?

Charlotte: I get so many compliments when I'm out in Sunderland about how amazing Sunderland looks and people tell me how happy they are that it's being portrayed in such a beautiful light. We've got so many beautiful beaches and places to go, so I feel really happy to showcase Sunderland and North East life.

Jake: I feel adopted by Sunderland because I'm from Manchester and before I met Charlotte, I'd never been to Sunderland. I didn't know what it was like or what it was about. The people are just fantastic, everyone in Sunderland is so nice and accommodating. It's a top place to live.  Manchester will always have a huge place in my heart,  but In Sunderland, the way of life is completely different.  I think because I'm a bit older now, I prefer a slower pace and the peace and quiet !

What are your hopes and aspirations for the rest of the year?

Charlotte: We have a big family holiday coming up and I can't wait for a nice, long break, because we have all worked so hard this year. I've filmed four programmes and travelled the world,  all in my first year of motherhood. If I look back, it's madness to think that we've fitted so much in. I'm so ready to switch off and relax and make some happy memories with my family.

Jake: Being a new dad, juggling my business and being part of Charlotte's wonderful, but chaotic life has been intense! So I'm really looking forward to our first family Christmas together and hopefully the rest of our year will be a lot quieter. I hope.

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