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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Joe Lycett Makes A Splash

Lycett Investigates Water Companies Amidst UK Sewage Crisis

Amidst a significant sewage crisis in the UK, Joe Lycett is on a mission to uncover the truth behind rogue water companies responsible for pumping sewage into waterways and seas.

Renowned for his confrontations with the oil industry in "Joe Lycett vs the Oil Giant" and his Bafta-winning special "Joe Lycett vs David Beckham," the comedian is now turning his attention to the pollution of waterways and the questionable practices of water companies. In this new investigative special for Channel 4, Joe delves into the reasons behind the alarming contamination of one of the country's most precious resources.

In 2022, water companies in England alone recorded 301,091 sewage overflows, accumulating a staggering total of 1,754,921 hours. This equates to a continuous discharge lasting over 200 years. Shockingly, only 14% of English rivers currently meet the "good" ecological status, with sewage pollution identified as a significant contributing factor. Meanwhile, privatized water and sewerage companies in England disbursed £1.4 billion in dividends in 2022, as revealed by a comprehensive analysis.

As part of the investigative program, Joe recently executed a bold stunt to launch his fictional podcast project, "Turdcast." The attention-grabbing event featured a colossal inflatable toilet, the Turdis, which inadvertently released simulated "sewage" into Liverpool Docks. Importantly, the stunt had no environmental or biological impact on the area, as the spillage consisted of marine mud rather than actual sewage.

Joe Lycett said: "I spilled fake sewage because I wanted to get people talking about the billions of litres of real sewage that are released every year by our water companies. Last year, according to one analysis the water companies paid shareholders £1.4 billion in dividends. That's a lot of money that could have been used to improve the sewer network and reduce spills.

"We're asking the water companies to stop paying dividends and instead invest the money in solving this problem. So please write to your water company asking them to sign up to what I'm calling Joe's Poo Promise – not the first time I've used those words – there's information about how to do this at turdcast.co.uk."

Joe Lycett vs Poo (w/t) is a 1 x 60 for Channel 4 due to air in 2024.

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