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Thursday 2 November 2023

"Lost and Found in the Lakes" - A Heartwarming Quest for Lost Treasures Led by Helen Skelton

In 2024, a heartwarming new series, "Lost and Found in the Lakes," will grace your screens, featuring the charismatic Helen Skelton leading a team of experts on a mission to recover precious items lost by the public in the Lake District.

Produced by North-Wales company Ty'r Ddraig, under Banijay UK's Workerbee Group label, this 15-episode, 30-minute series will follow Helen and her team of experts as they embark on a quest to reunite individuals with their cherished possessions, items they had despaired of ever seeing again. The show captures the tension and emotion surrounding the rediscovery of these lost treasures while delving into the personal stories of those who hold a deep connection to both the Lake District and the items they've lost.

Helen collaborates with a team of experts, including divers, detectorists, and magnet fishers, to locate a wide range of lost items scattered across the lakebeds and forests of this stunning region. Once found, these items are either returned to their elated owners or undergo a process of identification to trace their rightful owners. To aid in this process, they enlist the services of a specialized social media detective, who creates online campaigns to facilitate reunions between owners and their lost belongings.

Moreover, some of the unclaimed items find a new lease on life, thanks to the remarkable skills of local craftspeople in the area.

Helen Skelton expresses her excitement for the series, stating, "Thrilled to be part of this series filmed in my beloved Lake District. It's a chance to showcase the area's natural beauty, and by reuniting people with their lost treasures, we have a chance to share some heartwarming stories."

Zoe Thorman, Executive Producer at Ty'r Ddraig, shares her thoughts: "It is amazing to be able to use the beautiful location of the Lakes as the backdrop for our series. We brought some very talented people on board, to help Helen clean up and restore the items found across the Lakes and surrounding areas, including some retrieved from the lakebeds. I think viewers are in for a treat as the series combines beautiful scenery, wonderful craftsmanship, touching human stories, and the suspense of whether the much-loved items will be found by the team or not."

Alex McLeod, BBC Daytime Commissioning Editor, adds: "Lost and Found in the Lakes is a great example of what makes daytime TV so appealing to viewers – feel-good content which features experts and regular people too. This new commission wraps all that together with the addition of a stunning British location – the Lake District - and a presenter with personal links to the area too."

"Lost and Found in the Lakes" is commissioned for BBC One Daytime and iPlayer, with Rob Unsworth serving as Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak Commissioning. The Commissioning Editor is Alex McLeod. The program is created by Ty'r Ddraig, with Zoe Thorman as the Executive Producer and Ben Smith as the Creative Director.

Stay tuned for the heartwarming and captivating "Lost and Found in the Lakes" coming to your screens in 2024.

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