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Friday 8 December 2023

All new series Life Uncovered coming to Ch4

The upcoming series "Life Uncovered" will delve into unconventional and often challenging lifestyles. Filmmaker and journalist Ben Zand will immerse himself in extraordinary worlds to understand why individuals lead such extreme lives and how society reacts to them.

Produced by Zandland, this five-part series follows Ben as he encounters a biohacker striving to enhance his health and achieve immortality through increasingly extreme measures. He also meets an adoptee practicing transmaxxing, a little-known and controversial approach where young men embrace female identities not because they identify as women but believe it will improve their lives. The series explores individuals opting for 'physical donation' of sperm, and in the first episode, Ben engages with the impressive online personality Oli London to explore his recent detransition and his new identity.

Oli London, who spent over £200,000 on plastic surgery to transition into a Korean woman, has now detransitioned and shifted focus to becoming a 'masculine man' and truth to power commentator on US talk shows. He speaks out against gender-reassignment surgeries, and now is a highly respected commentator on such issues.

Ben Zand, the filmmaker and journalist, expressed pride in the series, stating, "Life Uncovered is a series that only Channel 4 and Zandland could make." He aims to enter the homes of some of the UK's most controversial communities, challenging their perspectives and fostering understanding. The series aims to uncover nuances in hot-button issues and engage in conversations that prompt audiences to think differently without being judgmental.

Laura Marks, Senior Digital Commissioning Editor, highlighted the series as offering an impartial look into hidden communities, sparking conversations seldom held. Describing it as bold and thought-provoking, she hopes each film will encourage viewers to shape their opinions and scrutinize societal norms influencing their life decisions.

"Life Uncovered" was Executive Produced by Ben Zand and Josh Reynolds and produced by Zandland. It was commissioned by Senior Digital Commissioning Editor Laura Marks.

The first episode, "Life Uncovered: Detransition," will be available on the Channel 4 YouTube Documentaries Page starting from Monday, December 11th, at 5 pm.

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