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Monday 11 December 2023

Daddy Issues coming to BBC Three with Aimee Lou Wood and David Morrissey to star

Production is currently in progress for "Daddy Issues," a fresh six-part comedy crafted by the creators of "White Gold" and "The Inbetweeners."

The narrative revolves around Gemma (Aimee Lou Wood), whose weekends are dedicated to revelry and wild parties in Stockport, Manchester. However, a chance encounter during her return from a trip to Portugal results in an unexpected pregnancy, coming at an inconvenient time.

Gemma's only remaining support is her father, Malcolm (David Morrissey), a kind-hearted but inept individual who struggles with everyday tasks like operating a washing machine, boiling an egg, or changing the Wi-Fi password. Malcolm, dealing with the aftermath of his family's collapse, resides in a divorced men's bedsit.

The situation leads to Gemma and her father sharing living space in Gemma's flat. She seeks assistance during a crucial moment in her life, while he requires help with mundane tasks like microwaving rice without mishaps.

"Daddy Issues" at its core is a classic odd-couple comedy, portraying the humorous and deeply flawed dynamic between a father and daughter. The storyline includes dating misadventures, unsuccessful romances, toxic friendships, and intricate family dynamics, along with a menacingly sociopathic antenatal teacher.

Penned by Danielle Ward (known for "Brassic" and "In The Long Run"), the series features Aimee Lou Wood (from "Sex Education" and "Living") and David Morrissey (known for "Sherwood" and "The Walking Dead").

Jon Petrie, the Director of Comedy Commissioning at the BBC, expressed excitement about the sitcom, praising its genuinely laugh-out-loud quality. Aimee Lou Wood shared her enthusiasm for the project, citing the humor in Ward's script and her admiration for David Morrissey. Morrissey expressed delight in working with Wood, describing her as a unique and gifted talent. Ward expressed her anticipation for audiences to meet Gemma and Malcolm, expressing gratitude to the BBC for the opportunity. Jill Kellie, VP Scripted Acquisitions at Fremantle, described "Daddy Issues" as a gem, praising the writing and the chemistry between Wood and Morrissey.

Further details regarding the cast and schedule will be disclosed in the future.

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