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Friday 8 December 2023

Fantasy Football League is coming back to Sky. No not the good one, but the re-imagined version

In an attempt to revive the glorious days of yesteryear, Sky has proudly announced the return of the second season of Fantasy Football League. Brace yourselves for the "comedic genius" of hosts Matt Lucas and Elis James, accompanied by the football punditry stylings of unknown comedian Andrew Mensah. It's almost like trying to recapture lightning in a bottle, but with more recycled jokes and a desperate yearning for the nostalgia of the '90s original hosted by Frank Skinner and David Baddiel.

The critically acclaimed series, hailed as iconic in its own imagination, promises to honor the format of the cult classic by shamelessly combing over the week's football news. Get ready for the riveting experience of sharing laughter over recycled clips and anecdotes that only the most dedicated fans will pretend to find amusing. And who could forget the much-loved 'Phoenix From The Flames' segment? Yes, they're still attempting to milk that cow, recreating historic football moments with a bunch of players who probably agreed to this for a quick paycheck.

The upcoming season boasts a star-studded lineup featuring football luminaries like Jack Wilshere, Gabby Agbonlahor, and a collection of other players who likely needed a reason to dust off their cleats. Because what better way to relive the magic of football than by bringing back players who were never that good in the first place?

But wait, there's more! Each week, a pair of celebrity guest managers will grace the legendary sofa to chat about their undying love for the beautiful game. Because nothing says "quality football analysis" like having celebrities who may or may not know the difference between a corner kick and a penalty.

And fear not, fans, as you too can join in and compete with these celebrity guest managers. Simply sign up to the League using the code a7qb7a via the official Fantasy Premier League app. Because who wouldn't want to engage in a fantasy football competition that pales in comparison to the original, all while desperately clinging to the hope that lightning will strike twice?

Fantasy Football League Season Two is set to grace your screens on Sky Max and NOW in early 2024. Get ready for a trip down memory lane, albeit one that feels more like a half-hearted imitation than a genuine revival.

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