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Saturday 23 December 2023

Uncovering Scandal: Sky News Documentaries Presents "Untouchable: Inside the Red Arrows"

Prepare for a gripping exploration into the dark side of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT), renowned as the Red Arrows. Sky News Documentaries takes viewers on a compelling journey in a one-hour film titled "Untouchable: Inside the Red Arrows," shedding light on issues of sexual harassment, sleaze, and bullying within this iconic squadron.

In a groundbreaking expose, victims of the toxic culture within the Red Arrows speak out exclusively to Sky News, breaking their silence on the scandal that has tarnished a national treasure. Voiced by Sky News Security and Defence Editor, Deborah Haynes, the documentary unveils the stories of four former members who provide a firsthand account of the predatory behavior prevailing in the world-famous aerobatic display squadron.

For the first time, these victims, whose identities are safeguarded through actors, share their experiences before and after a Royal Air Force investigation uncovered widespread and normalized unacceptable behaviors within the Red Arrows.

Despite the air chiefs' attempt to bring closure to the crisis with a non-statutory inquiry published in November, the victims decry it as a travesty of justice. Their critique centers on the lack of transparency, as they have not even received an unredacted version of their own evidence.

In "Untouchable," three women and one man raise alarming concerns about the toxic culture's impact on flight safety. Shockingly, one victim reveals that the RAF contemplated grounding the Red Arrows last year. With skepticism about the air force's commitment to implementing promised changes, the victims urge others who have experienced unacceptable behaviors across the armed forces to come forward.

The RAF's inquiry focused on the period between 2017 and 2021. In response, the air force asserts its dedication to transforming the culture within the squadron, introducing new training initiatives and leadership approaches.

Don't miss the premiere of "Untouchable: Inside the Red Arrows" on Wednesday, December 27th, at 9 pm on Sky News. Tune in on Freeview channel 233, Virgin 603, BT 313, or Sky 501, as this powerful documentary exposes the unsettling truths behind the legendary Red Arrows.

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