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Friday 8 December 2023

Waterloo Road Returns Tuesday 2 January on BBC

The BBC has officially announced the return of the popular school drama, Waterloo Road (8x60'), for its upcoming series, marking the third installment since its relaunch. The new series is set to premiere on Tuesday, January 2, with eight episodes available as a full boxset on BBC iPlayer from 6 am. Subsequently, weekly episodes will air on BBC One starting at 8 pm on the same day.

Filmed and set in Greater Manchester, Waterloo Road made a successful comeback earlier this year, with two series in 2023 propelling it to the status of one of the top shows on iPlayer for viewers under 35. The entire Waterloo Road catalogue, including the latest series, can be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

In anticipation of its return, the BBC has unveiled first-look images from the new series, featuring stars Angela Griffin, Adam Thomas, and Kym Marsh, along with new students Libby Guthrie (Hattie Dynevor), Stace Neville (Tillie Armartey), Lee Schumacher 'Schuey' Weever (Zak Sutcliffe), Portia Weever (Maisey Robinson), and Mollie 'Mog' Robinson (Aabay Noor Ali).

Continuing its tradition of exploring real-life issues affecting teens, families, and school staff, the new series of Waterloo Road promises a mix of sharp writing, warmth, and wit.

The plot thickens with a group of long-term school refusers entering Waterloo Road, putting the delicate balance of peace and harmony in jeopardy. Headteacher Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin) and her team face the challenge of preventing the school from sinking.

Libby, returning to Manchester to stay with her father, Head of History Neil Guthrie (Neil Fitzmaurice), proves to be anything but a teacher's pet. Meanwhile, new student 'Schuey' makes a chaotic entrance on his first day, raising questions about the true nature of this apparent troublemaker.

The series delves into the impact of Andrew Treneman (Jamie Glover) on Kim, as well as the blurred lines between professional and personal relationships among the teaching staff.

As Preston (Noah Valentine) struggles to readjust to school life, Kelly-Jo (Alicia Forde) and Dean's (Francesco Piacentini-Smith) relationship faces the ultimate test.

Returning for the new series are familiar faces in the teaching staff, including Vincent Jerome, James Baxter, Jo Coffey, Shauna Shim, Neil Fitzmaurice, Rachel Leskovac, Katherine Pearce, Ryan Clayton, and Sonia Ibrahim.

The new pupils will join established characters, making for an engaging and dynamic school environment.

Angela Griffin makes her directorial debut in this series, alongside directors Vicky Thomas, Mickey Jones, and Paulette Randall. Lindsay Williams serves as the Series Producer, with the new series featuring writing from a talented team including Davey Jones, Jayshree Patel, Natalie Mitchell, Jess Barnes, Gareth McLean, Julia Kent, Rebekah Harrison, and Neil Jones.

Cameron Roach, Executive Producer of Waterloo Road and Founder of Rope Ladder Fiction, expresses pride in the show's energy and passion, highlighting its success on BBC iPlayer and its contribution to training new talent in the industry.

Moreover, two additional series of Waterloo Road are currently in production in Greater Manchester.

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